Join Us!

Welcome, fellow Open-Sourcerer!

At the moment, Homebrew FOSS by HackerSpace PESUECC is an invite-only community. We'll be public soon!

If you wish to join Homebrew, you must complete the entry challenge located here. You'll recieve an invite to the server as and when you've appropriately completed the challenges!

Challenge 1 :

Github: homebrew-ec-foss/entry-challenge

To Complete the challenge, a basic knowledge of Git and Github is necessary. Here is a good starting point for the same!

Challenge 2 :

Finishing this challenge puts your name on a site, pretty cool,no?

The source repository and the website [It's one you are currently on] link is given below. See that tab in navbar called "members"? Its your task is to add you name in that page, as a part of outer member circle.

And there is a right way of doing this, If you try and write it directly to NJK file we will not accept your pr. Oh also not just your name, add all the needed fields to generate those hyper links rightfully.

Now we leave figuring out the code base to you, All the best :)

Github : homebrew-ec-foss/homebrew-internethome

Website :